Everyday skills for dogs

We offer courses (5 times) and individual sessions with spesific behaviors to learn.

On this course you learn how to train your dog basic everyday skills based on positive reinforcement. We use different rewards and also teach you how to prevent or change common unwanted behaviours (f.ex. jumping on people).

Basic skills are for example leash walk, eye contact in different occasions, leave it, staying still, coming when called, playing with the owner, calm reaction to different stimulus. 

This course is suitable for puppies and older dogs. We have maximum four dogs on our courses at the same time. Dogs whole human family is welcome to our courses.

This course IS NOT suitable for dogs that have aggressive behavior towards other dogs or people! In this case you can ask for private lessons first. If you are not sure if you can participate, please email us: info@heiluvahanta.fi.

This course does not include our basic lectures (held in Finnish) but you may buy place to these lectures from your trainer.